I met Claudio Scardino at the Biennial exhibition at Spattered Column Gallery New York, the Windsor Whitney Museum Biennial Project . He was drinking champagne. Then I met him again in New York at one of his exhibitions. Our friendship continued on Facebook and we met up again in Europe, in Paris at an exhibition being held by a mutual friend of ours, in Berlin and then in Ostende where we spoke about art over a plate of oysters and a bottle of Bordeaux. We have been friends now for a good ten years. He is now holding an exhibition, in collaboration with Barbara Rosenthal, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce in the city of Lecce, in the Puglia region of southern Italy, which will then move on to Tormareggio near Chieti at the INVIZIN Art and Culture Centre and then onto Ferrara in Emilia Romagna at the GRISU’ FACTORY where it will end on March 6th.
Barbara Rosenthal is a photographer and she is presenting eight 40×50 cm photographs. More than anything else, Barbara is a photographic artist having studied pictorial subjects. She distorts her individual 2D photographs by placing their flat forms inside the negative space of a framed rectangle for giving the impression that they are floating inside a large, empty space inside the frame.
Claudio Scardino is primarily a sculptor, as well as a sound-maker and he uses a pair of instruments for controlling the space while producing surround audio, leading to an alternative form of sculpture.
Art is a marriage between the ideal and reality. An artistic creation is a branch of craftsmanship. Artists are craftsmen, while at the same time they are intellectuals and, from time to time, academics. Art thrives on our senses and it talks to our senses. It plants its roots in the physical and tangible world. A monolithic orthodoxy which has left artists in a ghetto of predictable comments and which has isolated these artists from new ideas.
A craftsman, sculptor and musician. Claudio Scardino is a priceless individual as he has a cheerful character. And he is a curious kind of artist. He possesses qualities that seem to be lacking nowadays in other artists.
According to the maestro, despite the constant rhetoric, curiosity, dreams and experimentation are born from the same mother. The art of sculpture, he says, “has a huge responsibility. It can be of a more dynamic nature. Or it can be more thoughtful. But it is still a silence that invades space”. Claudio Scardino “OBSERVES” the silent language, his sculptures celebrate the mysterious and merciless power of the gods”. The art of sculpture and music is, therefore, the art of offering the space to its kin in order to interpret and “illuminate” the world.
On top of his cheerfulness then, the works of the maestro are endowed with a mysterious and terrific nature. This occurs when artists manipulate, dismantle and recompose the material at their disposal. “Ever since I was very young, I’ve felt this attraction for matter in space. It really started as a game, creating and developing, and then, later in life, I discovered that sound is like marble, with the power to create heat”. As he doesn’t work for the general public but only for personal satisfaction, his creations are, above all, of a mainly experimental nature.
Pascal Marsel & MT


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